Our Inspiration

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Kommineni Veeriah Chowdary

Late Shri Veeriah Chowdary was born to an uneducated small scale farmers in a village with no electricity and school. His parents visioned a better life for their children and encouraged them to focus on education. He walked several miles each day to attend school while he was also helping the parents at the farm and was very driven and hardworking. Encouraged by his mom, he went on to become first engineer from his village, starting his career as asst engineer with his sheer hard work and perseverance,

He went up the ladder very early on in his career. In the days and age of bureaucracy in government sector, he became MD for Allwyn refrigerator division, beating all odds with his no nonsense work ethic. He helped several new comers and was known for his integrity. He was a great son, brother, husband and father. Like a shooting star which burns itself brightly, spreading light to all, he passed away too soon at 48. But till today, he stands as a role model to his family and to many people.

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Yarlagadda Nayudamma, Yarlagadda Jayalakshmi

Late Shri Yarlagadda Nayudamma was a selfless great human being and a family man. He was the eldest son to his parents and took care of his siblings after he lost his parents. He saw lot of ups and downs in his life but never compromised on his values. He took care of each and every family member in every way he could imagine. He used to help community members with his knowledge of panchanga. He was the pillar of strength not only for his children, but also for his grandchildren. He loved his native place and spent his final days there.

Late Shri Yarlagadda Jayalakshmi was a vivacious lady with great zest for life. She was center of the family and was go to person for lot of others as well. She was a person with great heart. She played extraordinary role in shaping up her children and grandchildren.