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The nature’s most precious miracle is motherhood and childbirth. Moms who get to play gods can share their experiences and challenges. Another mom can be benefited by your knowledge and experience.

Morning Sickness while Pregnancy

To begin with , it is not a sickness as such. The good news is that it confirms pregnancy (After the tests have screamed a ‘YES’) the bad news is , it is not easy. However with the following tips, you can try and approach it more strategically.

A Crying Baby

Although a famous saying goes ‘A crying baby gets the food!’ there may be plenty of reasons a baby could be crying. As a mini individual, baby needs to be heard, understood and responded to. That being said new parents often stress out about how to calm the baby.


Finally after what felt like a century of morning sickness will be tapered off this trimester. This is the most exciting period of pregnancy where you are not sick, not huge (yet!!) and not too tired. Just the right cocktail of hormones naturally bring out the glow and shine to the mom-to be’s face and skin.