Desi Cooking Tips

The master chefs of every desi household are invited to share their tips and tricks with fellow desis. May we all share the thrill of your culinary art!

First cut avacado into two halves.Cut onion into large sized cubes and place in plastic bowl.Now place cut avacado on the bed of onion and close the lid and...

keep the whole coconut (do not break it) in deep fridge for 12 - 24 hrs before cooking.Take it out from the fridge, gently hit with hammer until the shell...

To avoid tears while cutting onions follow below.

Peel onions outer layer and then cut in half and soak in water for about 10 minutes.


Soak vegetable like potatoes and eggplant in water till you cook. This will avoid discoloration of the cut vegetables.

For a faster cook of onions used in any recipe add some salt when onions are saute. This will make onions to cook faster.

For faster fermentation of curd add cut red chilli or green chili and keep it in a warm place. This will ferment the curd faster.